Unhappy, Unhealthy and Stressed

Unhappy, unhealthy and stressed – based on facts, this is the average South African! Stress sucks! And, for various reasons South Africans suffer larger doses of stress given our poor Mental Health statistics as measured by global organisations. Yet, individuals and corporations alike hold powerful resources to easily implement far greater health and wellbeing care, and cost effectively too. Question is; why isn’t this happening?

Stress, Modern Day Badge of Honour

Since stress is a natural response, it is considered a normal part of life today. Although at times stress can feel decidedly unpleasant, you may be surprised to know, it serves a very useful purpose. In fact, the fight-flight-freeze stress response is absolutely...

12 Tips to Reduce Entrepreneurial Stress

Being an Entrepreneur can be exciting, gratifying, challenging and of course, stressful too. The freedom of having your own business, being your own boss, making decisions maybe rewarding but the responsibility is stressful. More especially when there is more month...

45 Benefits of Eskom’s Loadshedding

45 Benefits of Eskom’s loadshedding. No electrical power is stressful for most South Africans, yet there’s light in the darkness. It’s electric! #StressGone

Tips for Handling Stress at Work

I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once.Jennifer Yane In today’s world where high powered economic drive and corporate profiteering are the order of the day, the stressful pressures of even the most ordinary job or workplace are...

Stress Gone Tips at Home

We’re all products of our environment. Family and home is important for developing basic stress management skills, and these ‘Stress Gone! Tips at Home’ will help.

Tips to Reduce Teenage Stress

Studies have shown that not only is teenage stress extremely common, but their stress levels continue to increase. Today’s adolescent stress is higher than the average millennial’s stress of a decade ago. But more alarming is that USA statistics reveal teenage stress...

Dyslexia is Stressful

#WhenIWas15, the hashtag of LinkedIn's 15th birthday triggered the memory of one of my worst nightmares, dyslexia. From a young age I desired becoming a school teacher. I didn't consider any other career options because my mind was firmly made up. However, when my...

7 Back To School Stress Tips

No matter what their age, children are affected by stress, especially as  the annual ‘Back to School’ season approaches. Parents have the ability  to reduce a child’s stress, and thus will benefit accordingly. These seven tips can alleviate and ease your child’s...

Tips to Cope with Exam Stress

"Don't stress.  Do your best.  Forget the rest." Unknown Regardless of age, grade or abilities, everyone gets stressed about exams. Stress isn’t necessarily negative because it can motivate and inspire one into action, to knuckle down to studies, and get things done....

10 Tips to Deal with Holiday Stress

Festive season holiday stress can be unpleasant. These 10 tips can help alleviate unnecessary dread, anxiety, depression or stress effectively #StressGone

Important Tips to Reduce Stressful Vibrations

Stress is highly contagious, much like the flu virus. Human beings have the innate ability to see and feel someone else’s stress, and thus connect unwittingly to the stressful vibes. If we’re not consciously aware their stress can rub off affecting our health and well...

Festive Season Holiday Stress

Festive season holiday stress challenges many people. Not everyone enjoys happiness and joy during these holidays. Anxiety, dread, depression and stress is common.

Forgotten Art of Blessings

Adopting the Forgotten Art of Blessings into your daily lifestyle can be beneficial, impacting mental health positively. ‘Prayers go up, and blessings come down’ is a Yiddish proverb

Do You Love Yourself?

'Dare to love yourself as if you were the rainbow with gold at both ends.' Aberjhani Feeling unloved, unwanted, rejected, abandoned or lonely is all highly stressful. In extreme cases traumatic and depressing too. I think we’ve all experienced a degree of this at some...