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Radio 2000 interview

‘Personality of the Week’ interview with Justice. View it here

Sunrise e.TV

Stress Gone! interview with Faith Mangope here

Leadership Debunked

Is all Stress Negative?

Read the article here

Leadership Debunked is FREE
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Leadership Debunked

Multiple effects of Stress,
including Addiction

Read the article here

Leadership Debunked is FREE
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Episode 21: How to deal with the stresses of the new year

Interview here

What successful women entrepreneurs have to say about entrepreneurship in SA.

SME South Africa looks at some of the most memorable quotes during THUDfest discussion on ‘Brand Woman’

Read the article here

The Star

Timothy Maurice Webster’s article,
Conquer Stress with a Change in Mindset here

How to deal with stress

Article, Sunday 13th September 2015 here

I do Magazine

Stress Gone! interview on their health page here

Mrs B’s book shelf review here


Stress at Work: the dangers of work-related stress
Article here

Tips to combat work-related stress
Article here


Episode 27: How to deal with stress – Mind Clinic with Bridget Edwards

With stress, which is also known as the silent killer, being one of the leading causes of most illnesses, Kicking Doors sought advice on how to curb it from Author and Motivational Speaker, Bridget Edwards.

Watch the video here

Episode24: The importance of laughter – Mind Clinic with Bridget Edwards

It’s been said that laughter is the best medicine and it is. According to a number of studies conducted, laughter is a great stress reliever and it’s free. Bridget Edwards tells us more in tonight’s Mind Clinic.

Watch video here

Strubens Valley ‘Stress, a dream stealer’

Bridget’s talk today focused on ‘Stress, a dream stealer’ which is a perfect topic for this time of year.

Read the article here

What’s causing your festive season stress AND practical ideas to manage it

Ideas to switch off, relax and reconnect.

Read the article here

Body and Mind, a health directory for professionals, promotes people who offer a variety of complementary therapies.

Listen to our telephonic interview here

Stress Gone! book review by Mr Linda Ntuli here

Also available in IsiZulu here

SAfm Interview

The Talkshop with Naledi Moleo here


Forbes Woman Africa

Don’t Worry You’re Not The Only One Stressed

Read the article here

Wealth Ladder

Helping Entrepreneurs Deal and Cope
with Stress

Read the article here

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‘Stress in the Fashion Business’

Fashion Lab: Liz Ogumbo-Regisford and Morwick Pietersen.

11 Feb – The Fashion Lab team talk about managing stress in the business of fashion with author and speaker, Bridget Edwards. Bridget can help you to live a more happy, healthy and fulfilling life!

Podcast  here

Fourways – Stress Management Talk

“Regardless of whether your stress is big or small, real or perceived, the body responds the same way eliciting the fight-flight stress response. For most people, this happens multiple times a day and often below one’s awareness: that is the danger of stress …”

Read the article here

Episode11: How you can prevent stress from taking control of your life

Stress is one of the biggest things that holds you back from achieving your dreams. It affects both your mind and body and overall life. Bridget Edwards, the author of Stress Gone! and a motivational speaker has the 411 on how you can prevent stress from taking over your life.

Interview here


Interviewed by:
Al Karaki

Lionesses of Africa

Bridget Edwards, a South African stress expert on a mission to help others to overcome challenges in life here


Episode 30: Benefits of art therapy – Mind Clinic with Bridget Edwards

Creativity Reduces Stress.  Art is a great way to express your thoughts and feelings – in this week’s Mind Clinic, Bridget Edwards explains how art can be a great stress reliever.

Watch video here

Episode26: How pets enrich our lives – Mind Clinic with Bridget Edwards

Pet therapy and animals enrich our lives in many ways. Author and motivational speaker, Bridget Edwards, shares some of these benefits with Kicking Doors

Watch the video here


My article,
‘The Ancient Art of Sun Gazing’


Odyssey Stress Gone!
review here

Stress … dream stealer, understand why

Africa’s Leading Magazine for Entrepreneurs, Intrapreneurs and People Leaders.
Pages 6-9  here

Stress is a Silent Killer …

Interview with
Suzanne & Chris Styles
on MixFM

Heart FM

Interviewed by:
Angela Guastella & Randall Abrahams

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