Anxiety & Panic Attacks

Are you struggling to cope with:
* Anxiety * Panic attacks  * Worry  * Stress  * Fears and phobias
* Apprehension * Nerves *

Yet your desired lifestyle outcomes are as follows …

  • A sense of inner calm
  • Peace of mind
  • Relaxation
  • Self control
  • Personal empowerment
  • Improved self confidence
  • Improved energy
  • Enhanced relationships
  • Resolution of stressful fears or phobias
  • Emotional freedom from unpleasant emotions such as stress, anxiety, panic, fears, worry, resentment, disappointment, irritability, annoyance, frustation, guilt, trauma, a lack of self forgiveness and many other emotions too.
  • And, receive empowering tools to assist you in every day situations.

 But you don’t know what to do to achieve all this?

… Invest in yourself because you are worth it!

Anxiety, panic, stress or worry can have a serious impact on one’s health, and daily interactions with people and life in general. Whether perceived or real, justified or not, overcome these unpleasant emotions and physically uncomfortable feelings quickly, easily and effectively before the consequences take hold.

The side effects of anxiety, panic, stress or worry can be debilitating and impact the body in various unpleasant ways. Common physical symptoms can be: aches and pains, back problems, digestive or stomach problems, constipation or diarrhea, breathing difficulties, chest pains, headaches or migranes, impaired sleeping patterns, a lack of concentration or memory loss, feeling faint or light headed, heart attacks etc. Some people report clammy palms, chills or excessive sweating/hot flushes, heart palpitations, trembling, nightmares or panic attacks etc.

These negative side effects are usually eliminated once the cause or source of anxiety has been identified, and therefore can be addressed, and thus resolved quickly. Our success rate is very high with rapid relief being felt almost immediately during one 2-hour consultation – this does not take weeks or months of therapy to resolve.  During this 2-hour consultation, you will also receive empowering tools to assist you during every day situations.

How results are achieved? 

Today people recognise the powerful holistic Mind-Body connection, and as such more Energy Psychology techniques are achieving remarkable results, often within a few minutes or hours, instead of weeks or months of costly therapy. Without doubt, we all seek instant gratification.

It is common knowledge that negative emotions or experiences causes a disruption in the body’s energy system, and thus impacts or impairs the physical body’s natural balance. For example, if you are afraid of public speaking and are ‘put on the spot’, immediately the body reacts with an anxious or stressed feeling, perhaps an increased heart rate, clammy or sweaty palms, a dry mouth and even stammering may occur. Obviously, these effects vary from person to person depending upon the severity of their fear.  However, this is true for any perceived fear or threat – the body reacts instantly. It therefore makes perfect sense that just as quickly as a fearful or threatening thought can be had, a remedy can also work wonders to restore harmony and peace to both the body and mind too.

Techniques such as Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) also known as ‘tapping’ can be used to achieve rapid, longlasting results quickly and effectively.  During the consultation, we may employ the use of one or more of these amazing techniques to assist with the resolution of the issue/s that has possibly contributed towards or caused Anxiety, Stress or Panic Attacks.

First, we will spend time discussing the issue and possible cause/s as well as exploring the relevant emotions or feelings these issues illicit in the physical body. This awareness is key to resolving the Mind-Body (dis)connection. Secondly, with this understanding we apply these techniques to clear the unpleasant emotions and feelings. Lastly, the most important element of this consultation is to empower you, the client, with this newfound awareness, knowledge and understanding, so that you can take back your power and be more in control of your life again. In all instances tools will be provided to assist you in everyday situations.

If you’ve been affected by anxiety, panic attacks and worry the next step is to talk to someone.  Let’s connect and have a chat!


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Anxiety and Panic Attack Testimonial


Two and a half years ago my husband of 4 years committed suicide. I was devastated, but as time went by, the pain became more bearable and I started putting my life back together and I thought I was doing pretty well and had put it all behind me. About 8 months ago, I started getting panic attacks; I was continuously anxious and terrified of what could possibly go wrong. I’d overanalyze everything to the finest detail and as a result become more anxious. This got to a point where I became physically ill. After various visits to doctors which led to all the scans and diagnostic methods available, but after all this nothing was found to be wrong in medical terms. I had a constant burning in my stomach, nausea etc. With really nothing to lose and initially out of curiosity I contacted Bridget and went for a session with her. I had no idea what to expect but within the first half an hour, emotions were flowing and I realized how much I still had bottled up and it gave me a better understanding of why I felt the way I did. It is now one week after I had the session and I haven’t had a single panic attack, I haven’t had any abdominal pain or anxiety and for the first time in years to be honest I am at ease, I don’t feel the need to know and control everything around me, I sleep better and my days in general have just become far more enjoyable and peaceful.”     Chantel, Johannesburg (One session only)

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