Are You Overwhelmed By …
Anxiety, Anger, Depression, Stress Or Trauma?

Bridget’s unique EFT Tapping therapy solutions provide:


HIGHLY EFFECTIVE RELIEF, often in only ONE consultation


NOT weeks or months of on-going therapy


PRACTICAL self-regulation techniques


FREE 30 minute discovery call


FEEL relieved, calm, empowered, confident, plus many more wonderful benefits

Take control. Create your desired life. Live on your terms!

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Hello and Welcome!
I’m Bridget Edwards, a holistic Mental Health practitioner and advocate. Since 2007 I’ve been an Emotional Freedom Techniques – EFT tapping practitioner, and helped 100’s and 100’s of clients across the globe.

I work with people, just like you, to help them conquer all kinds of overwhelming stress-related challenges including anger, addictions, depression, fears and phobias, grief and loss, anxiety and panic attacks, trauma, and stress (including PTSD). In essence, I cover almost all aspects of psychological counselling, emotional or mental health and wellness. However, I don’t diagnose, label nor medicate.

For most of my clients, only one session is required to achieve real relief, empowerment, gentle calmness, and a peaceful state of mind. From there it becomes way easier to make healthier choices or decisions, which makes living the life they want easily attainable. Let’s chat about how I can assist you to achieve the success you really want.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT tapping)
Often Works Where Other Therapy Fails

Recognized internationally, Emotional Freedom Techniques also known simply as EFT tapping is a HIGHLY EFFECTIVE somatic therapy that relieves emotional distress, physical aches and pains. EFT tapping delivers permanent results FAST by using a one-of-a-kind holistic method of mindful and intentional fingertip ‘tapping’ on specific acupressure points.

What challenges are you currently facing?

  • Are you anxious, depressed or stressed?
  • Are you hurting due to a relationship break-up?
  • Perhaps grieving the loss of a loved one?
  • Are you the victim of a trauma, and experiencing fears, flashbacks, nightmares, or PTSD?
  • Is your life being controlled by addiction, anger, a (wretched) bully or narcissist?
  • Does anxiety or panic overwhelm you daily?
  • Or, are you looking to boost your self-worth, self-esteem and gain confidence?

If so, look no further – you are in the right place, and I can help you …

My unique holistic therapy process provides rapid emotional relief. And, sustainable results so you can achieve your dreams, improve your performance in any area, and live the life you deserve on your terms!

If you’re like most of my clients, I’m willing to bet you’ve already tried all kinds of costly traditional or alternative methods that has left you out of pocket, and possibly more frustrated.  EFT tapping with me, Bridget is your ticket to emotional freedom, happiness and satisfaction in all areas of your life.  And, my 16 year track record is proof thereof.

Although I aim to resolve your deepest issues within a single 2-hour session, some challenges may require a few sessions.

I’d love to hear from you … get in touch via my contact form, or simply schedule a FREE 30 minute discovery call to get started right away.  For convenience, online consultations are most efficient and effective – Skype or WhatsApp work well regardless location.

Ways To Work With Me


Bridget’s books are written from a deeply personal, experiential understanding. This important
“how to” knowledge and wisdom is conveyed in a simple, easy to apply and practical manner.
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Do you need help resolving distress, emotional pains or personal challenges?  Bridget’s EFT ‘tapping’ consultations can quickly alleviate whatever discomfort or pain you have. 
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Stress, the plague of the 21st century is responsible for high absenteeism, illness, disease, burnout etc. Bridget’s practical and sought after mental health expertise is your vital solution.
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What Clients Say?

“EFT is all about letting go. We destroy our present and our future by nurturing our personal traumas – whatever they may be. Sometimes what we thought was the problem isn’t – Bridget helped me to ‘sort’ through the self imposed fog I found myself in. I went to see her once and the result was immediate and life changing. I learnt to be objective and distance myself and see my value and move into my true space. THANK YOU Bridget XXX (You DID change my life Bridget. So grateful. Want you to help lots more people).”

Lucia, Johannesburg
(One session only)

“I have suffered from depression and been on medication for many years (since about 1990). I have always wanted to get off the medication because of the many side effects. This seemed impossible until I met Bridget and learnt about EFT. One session gave me the tools to work with EFT and enabled me to get through difficult times. I am now no longer on medication! I use EFT when troubled and find that within a few minutes I am once again able to cope. And it really works!!!! My thanks to you.”

Joan, Johannesburg
(One session only)

“I could have never imagined that a powerful tool like this existed. From one session, I had a life changing experience where anxiety, stress and fear was a normal part of my daily routine to a clam clear and collected way of conducting my day. Even more amazing was that EFT was not a temporary solution but a lasting feeling that I still have a week later. EFT has empowered me to take control of so many aspects of my life with confidence and make life so much more enjoyable!”

Pieter, Johannesburg
(One session only)

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