How to Cope with Grief and Loss (Self Help Therapy Techniques)

How to Cope with Grief and LossDuring the pandemic’s lockdowns unprecedented fears, trauma and uncertainty created multiple valid reasons to experience the typical ‘stages of grief and loss’ – even if you didn’t lose a near or dear one. But, if you did, my condolences for your tragic loss.

Either way, this video can benefit you by providing an understanding of yourself. With self-compasison processing grief and loss – whether big or small, real or perceived – becomes so whole lot easier.

If you’ve experienced anger, and or depression in recent months, you’re not alone. Millions, if not billions of folks are still reeling from the emotional and mental health consequences of lockdown. It is quite natural to not have coped adequately – you weren’t prepared, but taken by surprise (ambushed?) – particularly as it became increasingly difficult to live under a dystopian ‘new normal’, where on a daily basis, and possibly for two years straight, your life was turned upside down, inside out.

Please note: this video formed part of my “Stress Gone! Method”, which I published during the early stages of the pandemic in 2020, and have subsequently dismantled. As such, I thought I’d now share this info publically enabling everyone to benefit, without any costs associated.

Both the pandemic and lockdowns have been really hard on people. My intention with this “how to cope with grief and loss” video is to provide information that helps you achieve greater personal understanding, self-compassion, and importantly, psychological relief.

*  Firstly, by simply unpacking a list of all the truly dystopian (crazy!) circumstances lockdowns created – many of which may have been significant losses you were forced to experience, and endure during this two year period. Thus, you unwittingly entered into a grieving cycle.

*  Given these bizarre novel experiences, it was both natural and normal for people to have  psychological kneejerk reactions. As well as experience a myriad of uncomfortable emotions, like riding a wild rollercoaster, feeling out of control, fearful, helpless, hopeless, angry, sad and depressed etc.

*  Never before in human history have our collective survivial instincts been so horribly triggered on a global scale. Made far worse by the daily onslaught of fearful media updates, as well as confusing and conflicting messaging.

*  Your personal response to grieve all of these losses was completely natural and normal, even though this may have felt quite painful at the time. And, perhaps you’re still trying to process, and come to terms with whatever you personally experienced. Some people had terrible experiences, and far worse than others – maybe you’re one of them?

None of this was your fault. You are not to blame. You were subjected to a dystopian reality inflicted upon you and society, against your will by a higher authority.

*  Experiencing the five stages of loss, or five stage or grief, also known as ‘patterns of adjustment’ maybe really uncomfortable – this is natural and normal following any significant loss we are confronted by.

*  The benefits of understanding all of this can help you to process any loss – big or small, real or perceived – adequately in terms of your emotions, mental state of mind, and possible reactive behaviour. In turn, this can help you navigate your way through life with grace and ease.

*  Understanding yourself, and your mental health needs also prevents further psychological problems developing, such as anger management issues, sinking into a depression, having suicidal ideations, or becoming unwittingly reliant upon unhealthy coping mechanisms, like addicitons, comfort eating or weight gain, or even being medicated simply in order to cope with life. 

*  All of which can be completely avoided by dealing with grief and loss adequately and effectively.

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Grief and Loss Client Testimonial


“Two and a half years ago my husband of 4 years committed suicide. I was devastated, but as time went by, the pain became more bearable and I started putting my life back together and I thought I was doing pretty well and had put it all behind me. About 8 months ago, I started getting panic attacks; I was continuously anxious and terrified of what could possibly go wrong. I’d overanalyze everything to the finest detail and as a result become more anxious. This got to a point where I became physically ill. After various visits to doctors which led to all the scans and diagnostic methods available, but after all this nothing was found to be wrong in medical terms. I had a constant burning in my stomach, nausea etc. With really nothing to lose and initially out of curiosity I contacted Bridget and went for a session with her. I had no idea what to expect but within the first half an hour, emotions were flowing and I realized how much I still had bottled up and it gave me a better understanding of why I felt the way I did. It is now one week after I had the session and I haven’t had a single panic attack, I haven’t had any abdominal pain or anxiety and for the first time in years to be honest I am at ease, I don’t feel the need to know and control everything around me, I sleep better and my days in general have just become far more enjoyable and peaceful.” Chantel, Johannesburg  (One session only)

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