Birth Trauma

“Birth is the scariest event of most peoples’  lives.
You have to feel safe enough in your own mind before you can remember your own birth.”

Leonard Orr

While working with clients in therapy, I’ve found it interesting that a number of client’s emotional issues stemmed from, and are as a result of their birth experience, even pre-birth experience whilst cocooned in the watery world of the womb. Most people are quite oblivious to the subtle, yet profound effects regarding the manner in which we are born, and how this can set a foundation or tone for the rest of our lives. Birth trauma, including pre-birth trauma, can have a huge impact on our perceptions, and therefore the way in which we view the world: either a friendly or fearful environment.

I have been very encouraged by internationally acclaimed cellular and developmental biologist, Dr Bruce Lipton who speaks of the value of ‘Conscious Parenting’. His work is enormously encouraging in the fields of Energy Psychology, the umbrella which encompasses Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) or ‘tapping’. To quote from his DVD entitled ‘Nature, Nurture and the Power of Love – the Biology of Conscious Parenting’ he has this to say: “The parents’ influence in shaping the life of their child are further extended into the watery world of the womb when the prenatal brain begins to acquire environmental experiences. Subsequently, the character and potential of a child can be profoundly nurtured or damaged through birth, bonding and parenting skills. What was learned in our earliest experiences has a long term impact, for it shapes the potential we express in the unfoldment of our lives.”  That is a profound statement!

Any form of trauma, unless effectively treated can impact the physical body, emotions and mental well being too. Simply ask a person to recall a traumatic event, and instantaneously their body will trigger the typical stress response (fight, flight or freeze) as if the body is under immediate threat once more. Most people don’t realise how profound an impact a simple thought or memory can have on the physical body, and this can play havoc with one’s overall health and well being. It is well known and understood that unresolved emotions can manifest as illness or disease if left untreated. In extreme cases, an old and unresolved trauma festers like a wound, which ultimately can manifest as heart disease, cancer or another type of dread disease, even terminal illness.  Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) otherwise known as ‘tapping’ is a holistic approach addressing ‘mind and body’ simultaneously, thus has a deeply calming effect when dealing with traumatic issues, especially birth or pre-birth trauma.

These are some the more common birth difficulties or traumas experienced:

  • Forceps birth
  • Still birth
  • Umbilical cord around your neck
  • Womb issues i.e. mother being abused during pregnancy
  • Adoption
  • Miscarriage
  • I’m including abortion because of the emotional pains typically associated with making this traumatic decision
  • And, lastly postpartum depression, which affects many women weeks or months after giving birth. I’ve heard many accounts of how traumatic this can be to experience.

I have worked with dozens of clients who have had abortions, even multiple abortions, and years or decades later these women are still plagued with negative emotions such as guilt, shame, remorse, lack of forgiveness, anger, depression etc as a result. Although their decision to have an abortion was appropriate at the time, often due to enforced circumstances like parental or religious pressure, lack of finances, relationship issues etc, the body still carries this unresolved trauma.  Science is now proving that negative and traumatic memories can be so deeply embedded that this affects the body at a celluar level, hence the manifestation of disease and illness decades later.  Great metaphysical teachers today, like Louise L. Hay, Gregg Braden, the late Dr Wayne Dyer, Dr Bruce Lipton, and even Gary Craig (founder of Emotional Freedom Techniques) all speak about the effects of unresolved trauma.

Birth is the sudden opening of a window, through which you look out upon a stupendous prospect. For what has happened? A miracle. You have exchanged nothing for the possibility of everything.Willie Dixon

I can personally confirm that coming to terms with my own birth process was interesting, perhaps just a little daunting to work through alone, which I would NOT recommend, but I did, and it was liberating … I was a forceps baby. Fortunately I have enormous confidence and experience with EFT so I naturally trusted the process, feeling safe to explore what had happened to me during my birth.  The benefits of releasing this birth trauma was incredible!

For as long as I can remember I felt ‘under threat’ in some way, and for absolutely NO rational or logical reason at all. I felt uneasy, uncomfortable, somewhat out of control, guarded and insecure. I totally shied away from the limelight and although others saw me as confident, inside I was actually fearful and vulnerable. I would do just about anything to avoid any kind of confrontation. I also felt I was under constant scrutiny of others, not necessarily judged or criticised but ‘being watched’ … a terrible affliction to live with. However using Matrix Reimprinting an advanced version of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) or ‘tapping’, I was able to clear this. Today, I am such a different person – I am ‘out there’ and have this deep inner assertiveness, confidence and definitely feel in control; it’s a deep knowing! Thanks to Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) my life has transformed and blossomed.

If like me, you’ve been feeling left out, abandoned, rejected, fearful, alone, lost, vulnerable or insecure but cannot quite put your finger on it yet wish to find a gentle resolution, the next step is to talk to someone. 

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Client Testimonial – Considering an abortion

“Hi Bridget, all is indeed well on my side – thanks to you! I still tap and my baby actually reacts to my tapping now! It’s so amazing and I am so grateful to have made the choice to keep him despite the turmoil in my life. I have amazing friends who support me and I am so excited for my son’s birth on 15 September. Will send you a picture as soon as I can OK? Take care and once again, thank you for calming the waters for me. Lots of love”  PF, Gauteng  (One session only)

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