Stress Gone! Book

“Your book ‘Stress Gone’ is life changing – Thank You”. ~ David Arthur, Advanced Fellow Regenerative and Functional Medicine

“Thank you very much for the book: Stress Gone. I have just completed reading it and found it to be very interesting. I particularly like the simple language and practical exercises. I have just downloaded the audio. Congratulations on a successful book.” ~ Dr. Dhesan G. Moodley, MMed Sc Metabolic Nutritional Medicine (USF), MMed Sport Science (UCT), MbChB (UKZN), MBA (UCT)

“Bridget’s books is a comprehensive and well organised approach to dealing with stress. It’s thorough, well researched and systematic. This approach is always the best when it comes to life changing outcomes.” – Tim Phizackerley,  UK Therapist

“Bridget beautifully and strategically encapsulates the ability to centre and control the outcomes of one’s own behaviour response to life’s many challenges in her dynamic and instructive Stress Gone! guide. A highly recommended read for anyone who is human and affected by life’s stress!” – Dr Sandrina Haeck, Clinical Psychologist

“It’s no secret that entrepreneurs have to be adept at managing stress on a daily basis, brought on by the multiple challenges of building businesses and brands, managing cash-flow, managing people, hitting pressing deadlines, trying to break into highly competitive markets, not to mention trying to keep relationships and families together at the same time.  So, highly focused and practical resources that will help entrepreneurs to better manage stress are always welcome. Bridget Edwards has a keen sense of what it takes to manage stress, and importantly harness it at the right times to make a difference. She brings her own extensive knowledge, life experience, and expertise to the table in the this book, which will be a breath of fresh air to all those entrepreneurs currently battling stress as they build their businesses.”– Melanie Hawken
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In today’s stressful society this is a must read.  A powerhouse full of excellent tips and strategies to dismantle stress.  Down-to-earth, practical knowledge especially suitable for Business owners, Executives and Employees who require quick, effective solutions.” – Peter M Darroll,  Director, Entrepreneur, Author, Mentor, Coach and Long Distant Athlete

“This book out does every stress book on the market. Not only is it a book, it has tips and strategies that are easy to practise; the best part of it is that they really work. Well done Bridget, you’re one in a million, and going to help so many people around the world. Stress Gone! does what it says, … Stress Gone!”  Jolene Palmer,  CEO Jolene Unleashed

“I bought your book Stress Gone! and have been applying some of the techniques. I realised that even as a self-employed person with no financial worries or boss to contend with, I DO too experience stress. Who knew??!! Thank you Bridget for enlightening me with your easy to read book on how to use simple techniques, for firstly recognising that I am feeling stress and then how to relieve it, almost in an instant.” – Reader

Morning dear heart. Loved your book. Took a break with job hunting. Reassessed the situation handed it over to the mighty power and let it guide me. Led me to an amazing boss and job with “XYZ”.  Praise God. Xxxx  You’re a genius of happiness. Xx”  – Reader

Stress Gone is a great book! I’ve personally benefited just by understanding my own stress; I’m no longer feeling stress controls me. Now I know exactly how to release my stress, and its worked every time. I already feel much better because the techniques shared are simple and easy to use (even a child can learn this). This is one book I will keep referring to for years – it contains so many nuggets of wisdom. Life is stressful today, and everyone needs this book.”  Amazon Customer (5 star review)

 Extremely insightful and very practical information:  An absolute must-read!! What I admire the most about this book is simply how well the information is expressed. Author Bridget Edwards writes in a way that is insightful, comprehensive, and informative – yet it is also concise and easy to understand at the same time. “Stress Gone!” is one of the few books that I’ve come across where I could essentially instantly visualize how I could incorporate what I was learning into my own everyday life right as I was reading it. As well as this, the author writes with a very relaxed, almost conversational-like undertone to the writing which, for me personally, made the book far from feeling ‘chore like’ or boring in any way, without sacrificing the pure, effectiveness of the information .

The book itself is quite lengthy while doing a great job of covering many different aspects and areas of people’s lives; whether it be regarding personal or professional relationships, finances, or even maintaining a positive standard of health – it is all here. Most importantly, the concepts and ideas discussed are truly practical and applicable, and the author makes sure to include plenty of examples and exercises for readers to try. I think a wide variety of people, regardless of their backgrounds, will be able to apply the advice offered within this book to their own unique lifestyles not long after finishing the read, and I can definitely see this book helping many other people, as well as myself. For that reason alone, I can’t help but recommend this book to others.

In summary, I am more than impressed with author Bridget Edwards book and I consider it to have proven to be a great investment of time – I know that what I have learned will prove useful in the future, and I am excited to put the advice into practice very soon. Highly recommended!”  Amazon Customer (5 star review)