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Since 2007, EFT tapping practitioner Bridget Edwards has helped 100s and 100s of clients across the globe overcome all kinds of mental health challenges

Frequently Asked Questions

About EFT Tapping practitioner Bridget Edwards?

Since 2007, Bridget Edwards has helped 100’s and 100’s of clients, just like you, and from across the globe to overcome a myriad of emotional and mental health challenges.

Bridget has almost three decades experience with different healing modalities, including reflexology, reiki (master level), energy clearing, laying-on-of-hands healing, Psyche-K etc. After discovering Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) tapping she hasn’t looked back.

She’s also volunteered as a Hospice Caregiver, and provided compassion fatigue counselling to NSPCA (South African animal welfare) employees.

EFT Tapping, a revolutionary somatic therapy tool

When applied correctly, EFT tapping is a revolutionary therapy tool. This modality is highly effective because of its somatic and holistic nature. EFT tapping usually yields rapid and long-lasting, if not permanent results from the outset.

EFT tapping is ideal for neutralising bothersome and unwanted events or memories of the past, as well as helping to establish new beliefs and behavioural patterns.

This is great news for people who no longer wish to spend months or years in traditional talk therapy. And, who no longer wish to be dependent upon medication, or unhealthy coping mechanisms in order to handle or get by in life.

Bridget also teaches clients how to apply EFT tapping as a convenient self-help tool for day-to-day use. Aside from consultations, clients say this empowering know-how is a game-changer, helping to accelerate results whilst also being ideal for self regulation too.

What benefits or results can I expect to receive from EFT Tapping?

EFT Tapping is probably best known for stress relief, including mental, emotional and physical stress relief benefits.

Depending upon your reasons for working with EFT tapping, in general you can expect to feel lighter, happier, calmer, relaxed, grounded, at ease with yourself and the world, improved mental clarity, focus and confidence, as well as having greater peace of mind.

Whenever heavy, burdensome and unwanted emotions are released – such as anger, anxiety, guilt, shame, remorse, rejection, fears, grief, depression, stress or trauma etc, a wonderful sense of emotional freedom results. This is priceless!

Other benefits of EFT tapping include this being a gentle somatic process. It also yields effective and rapid results, which are usually long-lasting, if not permanent.

What is Bridget’s EFT tapping speciality?

Although EFT tapping is a unique modality with a wide variety of applications, a specialised focus is thus important for achieving effective, yet specific results.

Bridget’s expertise and focus is within emotional and mental health. More specifically with anger and stress management, depression, anxiety and panic attacks, fears and phobias, trauma, PTSD, addictions recovery, grief and loss, and relationship issues.

Additionally, Bridget also works with clients who require big or dramatic lifestyle changes i.e. career or relationships where they require regular and on-going support in order to achieve their goals.

Where does Bridget’s mental health understanding stem from?

Growing up in a South African farming environment meant Bridget’s formative years were completely immersed in the earthiness of the soil, and natural wonders Mother Nature provided. This practical, grounded approach has been her life’s compass, providing her with an innate ability to simplify complex issues, sifting the proverbial wheat from the chaff.  And, this earthy connection augments her leaning towards all things natural, including natural, somatic health and wellness practises like EFT tapping.

Additionally, having dyslexia meant Bridget viewed the world differently. Being far from home at boarding school also meant she had to adapt, become resilient and resourceful, and find ‘out the box’ ways to cope. As such she developed a heightened sensitivity and intuitive nature that lends itself perfectly well to her therapy work today.

Moreover, her lived experiences and personal struggles with anxiety, trauma, grief and loss, depression, stress, burnout, CFS and Lyme’s disease have undoubtedly embellished her in-depth understanding of the real challenges people face.

Bridget’s adept at meeting people where they are at. She also understands intricate subconscious patterns enabling her to quickly identify the root cause/s of her client’s problems. EFT tapping augments this process, helping to accelerate effective and long-lasting, if not permanent results in a truly remarkable way.

How does Bridget’s work differ from traditional psychotherapy?

Bridget is neither a psychologist nor psychiatrist; meaning she does not psycho-analyse, diagnose or prescribe medication. Instead, Bridget’s counselling and therapy approach is pragmatic with the primary goal being a speedy resolution of client’s problems. This is a radical departure from traditional, long and drawn out psychotherapy processes.

She works with what is presented by clients, and actively helps to identify the root cause/s of problems, rather than merely placating symptoms. This is the reason for her high success rate with clients.

What’s the important difference between symptoms VS root causes?

Understanding that symptoms are not the root cause of anyone’s problem, Bridget actively helps clients to get clear about the root cause/s of their specific problems. For example – anger, anxiety, depression, addictions, trauma and PTSD etc are all symptoms, but not the root cause/s. This may sound surprising …

There are usually much deeper, and often painful circumstances, events or memories of the past that are the root cause/s of current symptoms. And, this root cause is often buried deeply within the subconscious mind, which Bridget knows how to access.

Once Bridget has helped clients to identify these aspects, EFT tapping is then applied to neutralise these root cause/s (past events or memories). As such symptoms disappear.  The net result is emotional freedom, a sense of inner calm, relaxation and peace of mind. 

Can I eradicate my unhealthy coping mechanisms?

Absolutely yes! Neutralising the root cause/s usually means clients no longer have a need for their former coping mechanisms, or unhealthy and unwanted behavioural patterns. Unhealthy coping mechanisms may include addictive behaviours with a reliance upon alcohol, drugs, gambling, smoking, comfort eating etc in order to cope with life.

Also, many clients no longer require prescribed medication in order to cope with life. Remarkable, life-changing results such as this are a common occurrence for those who choose to work with Bridget and EFT tapping.

How many sessions do I need?

As an individual your life’s experiences are completely unique to you. This includes your subconscious mind, and the way in which it has attempted to keep you safe by burying painful past events, emotions or memories.  As such, your therapy needs are also unique to you. There is no one-size fits all.

Your sessions with Bridget are tailored to your specific requirements, which naturally unfolds as your session progresses. Therefore, it is difficult for Bridget to “predict” exactly how your subconscious may respond, and how long it may take to achieve your desired result.

That said, EFT tapping is a remarkably efficient and effective therapy tool that swiftly neutralises even hardcore, challenging issues. And, since Bridget’s primary goal is to achieve results for clients, she works in a gentle yet determined manner to be as quick, thorough and efficient as possible.

Only one 2 hour appointment is scheduled at a time, with the aim of achieving as much as possible within the timeframe. Thereafter, Bridget will follow up with you to assess what your needs are. If necessary, a follow up session is then booked.

On average most clients require between ONE to THREE sessions, while some may require a few more sessions, depending upon their individual needs, aims and goals.  This can be discussed in greater detail during your FREE 30 minute discovery call with Bridget.

What happens after my discovery call?

Following your 30 minute discovery call, and should you and Bridget be a suitable fit for working together, you can expect to schedule your first 2 hour consultation towards the end of the call. 

It is ideal to begin your sessions within 7 to 10 days.

Upon agreement of a suitable date and time for your first consultation, payment is required within 24 hours to confirm your appointment. Likewise for all follow up consultations.

Bridget’s rate is:  USD $150- or GBP £120- per 2 hour consultation.

To get started, simply book your FREE 30 minute discovery call now by using the calendar (above) on this page.