Story of Stuff

Here is a short but insightful video summing up where all our “stuff” comes from, and where it goes.

This video highlights the environmental and social problems we are faced with as our self indulgent greed seemingly knows no end to our consumer driven desires to buy and accumulate stuff … we chop down trees, pollute waterways, damage the environment and mountains, destroy innocent cultures and communities  … basically we are fast destroying all natural resources, and there seems to be just no end in sight either … should we continue in this vein, we will have nothing left, and will have successfully destroyed our home, planet earth.

Fortunately, some people are awakening. A consciousness shift is taking place around the plant with surge in ideas for organic, biodegradable and sustainable products and systems emerging. 

But is this enough?

Is it a question of too little, too late?

When and where will our destructive and selfish ways end?

This quotation always haunts me, “Only after the last tree has been cut down… the last river has been poisoned… the last fish caught, only then will you find that money cannot be eaten.” Chief Seattle, native American leader (1786-1866)

How can each one of us reduce our insatiable appetite for consumerism and greed?  When is enough, enough?

Enter Annie Leonard, and her Story of Stuff …


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