Why do people say “My other half” when referring to their partners? 

Do they think they’re only half a person? The idea that someone else can or will complete you is truly sad because you’ll always feel hollow and insecure. You are already a complete, perfect being as you are … you are enough, period. Embrace your wholeness.

Then, I hear people say, “My better half”.

Why do people diminish themselves? Equally, why do they elevate their partners above themselves? Do people realise they’re inadvertently criticising and judging themselves by saying these subtle things?

Yes, yes … I know these are figures of speech, but they’re actually subtly demeaning, disrespectful, hurtful and also harmful to one’s self.

Maybe this subtle shift in thinking will result in less relationship heartaches? Less manipulative power games?

Maybe this subtle shift will also result in people staying in relationships for all the wrong reasons? Because deep down they know they deserve to be whole.

Maybe this subtle shift in thinking will result in less people believing they are damaged?

Maybe this subtle shift from negative to positive self talk will increase people’s self worth, self esteem, self confidence and self value?

Words carry enormous power. The spoken word is a command of manifestation. Chose your words with care.

We all need far more self love, self kindness and self respect. You are ENOUGH as you ARE, right now, with or without any partner.

Believe it. Embrace it. Trust it. Know it.

Because when you do, NO ONE will ever take advantage of you, or walk all over you in any relationship, at home or at work.

Know your self worth – you are a whole, complete and perfect being as you are.

I trust this subtlty will give you a fresh perspective, not only of yourself but also of your relationship too.  You are enough!

Blessings always!

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