As South Africans “celebrate” Human Rights day today, I reflect upon all the human injustices that still plague society worldwide.

Question is, when will our collective ego-centric society become mature enough to stop focusing on engrandised money, greed and powermongering? Because that is the direct cause of the total rot of our toxic sick society today, of which we are all a part of.

Yes, while we chase after money and wealth – we, collectively are the problem!

Truth …

When will our collective society focus on uplifting ALL human beings? The homeless? The orphans? The frail old aged folks? The sick? The victims of abuse, rape, human trafficking, paedophilia etc? Including animals and the planet?

Only when the weakest link in the chain is strengthened can we call ourselves human beings.

Only when every human being has a home or shelter with decent sanitation, quality food, fresh water and health can we say “Human Rights” has been achieved.

Otherwise this is simply deluded BS.

Until then, let’s stop pretending and sugarcoating this ”Human Rights” nonscense …

Today, as you celebrate with your gluttonous braai (barbeque) and alcoholic drinks flowing spare a thought for those mentioned above who have jackshit, and their lives are wretched because you are focused on chasing self-centered “needs” of greed, money, wealth etc.

Instead, we should all rather focus our collective attention on finding sustainable solutions and ways we can uplift ALL beings … (I believe it is totally possible) … think about that today, tomorrow and every other day.

Then, and only then, can we actually celebrate this day!


#HumanRightsDay #StressGone 

*Image credit unknown