Do you love yourself?

Feeling unloved, unwanted, rejected, abandoned or lonely is all highly stressful. In extreme cases traumatic and depressing too. I think we’ve all experienced a degree of this at some point in our lives.

Some people erroneously think that loving one’s self is akin to being selfish, self obsessed or self absorbed. I strongly disagree – loving yourself is essential to living a happy, healthy and fulfilling lifestyle – it’s the difference between existing verses thriving!

If you cannot love yourself, how can you possibly love anyone else deeply and truly? Don’t be confused by a ‘needy or obsessive’ kind of love – that’s a fear based love, and one of desperation, instead of the kind of love that is expansive and unconditional.

If you don’t love yourself, how can you respect yourself or set appropriate boundaries? By not loving yourself you’ll always feel inadequate or not quite good enough. By not loving yourself, you’ll never fully trust another. By loving yourself you naturally step into your own innate personal power … yes, loving yourself is where true love actually begins.

This kind of true love is also akin to ‘Man Know Thy Self’, and the axiom, “as a man thinketh in his heart so it is unto him”. Your capacity to love others all comes down to how much you love yourself … like a mirror reflection, “as within, so it is on the outside.” We can only give to others what we have inside, and if that reservoir is empty, we feel empty, sad, depressed and lonely. The more self love you have, the greater capacity you’ll have for love, kindness, compassion, empathy etc towards others.

Love is the most powerful force in the entire Universe – love dissolves everything, including hatred, jealousy and envy. Love is also of the highest vibrational energy… we’ve all heard the saying, ‘love makes the world go round!’ And, without doubt, love is also the most potent creative force and magnetic attraction energy too, which is why, living in a state of gratitude manifests your heart’s desires. Together, love and gratitude are the two secret ingredients to living a successful life as taught by many great saints and sages over eons, including modern teachers like Rhonda Byrne, John Assaraf, Mike Dooley, Michael Beckworth, the late Wayne Dyer, Lisa Nichols etc.

I love the idea that “Me” is the inversion of “We” – so the more I love “Me”, the more capacity for love I have for “We”, the collective i.e. humanity, the planet and all sentient beings who dwell here. I firmly believe that if more of us loved ourselves, world peace would be automatic. And, Ladies, I totally BELIEVE with all my heart that WE have the power to completely change the current masculine, fear-based and scarcity status quo of the world’s misery, poverty, war, greed, disease etc. Love is an abundant energy, and can so easily transmute all fears, scarcity and lack. Let’s LOVE and spread LOVE everywhere WE go!

Today, I’m sharing a POWERFUL and PROFOUND video by one of my greatest teachers, the late Louise L. Hay. She truly impacted my life in the early 90’s with her books, “You can Heal your Life” and the little blue book, “Heal Your Body”. Enjoy this week’s Stress Gone! tips that Louise Hay shares… your life will completely change as a result of Loving Yourself. Please share your experiences … #StressGone!

Blessings always,



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