Best Way To Kick Start 2018

Thank you, I’m thrilled to have connected with awesome, vibrant, engaging ladies on LinkedIn. The Stress Gone! weekly tips group I created has +300 members, and growing. If you’re not in there yet, don’t miss out, join us now

I absolutely LOVE nothing more than helping people overcome, and kick their stresses in the proverbial butt!!! The term “stress” covers a myriad of emotional, mental and physical aspects – here’s what I specialise in resolving: anger, trauma, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, grief & loss, fears & phobias, addictions and relationship issues too… basically, all awful stresses, right?

Hope you won’t mind me ‘tooting my horn’ a little, but I’m super proud of my work. After 10 years of working with clients across the globe, I achieve incredible results. 90% of my clients ONLY ever needed ONE session to resolve their issue. Yup! In a mere 2 hours, we achieved a positive outcome they’re totally satisfied with. Instant gratification doesn’t get any better than that, does it?

Why, and how did I do this?

I’m driven by results, AND I also don’t believe in long drawn out, costly coaching/therapy practices. I use ONLY the best, tried and tested techniques to bring about a positive shift – my track record speaks for itself. Even clients who’d experienced heinous crimes like rape, molestation, being held up in armed robberies or hijacked… they walked in crying, left smiling – most after only ONE 2 hour consult. Would you agree that’s super awesome???

Imagine what I could do for you? How different would your life be if I helped you resolve that one nasty stressful issue within 2 hours? How much happier and healthier would you feel and be?

The best way to kick Start 2018

Start 2018 off on a great note by clearing old worn out heavy baggage the Stress Gone! way. Complete the contact form to find out if I can help you – limited spaces available – first come, first served … here

Thank you, I look forward to helping you with ‘the best way to kick start 2018’, so its a magical and stress free year!

Blessings always,


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