Emotional Freedom Techniques

“EFT is destined to be a top healing tool for the 21st century.”
Cheryl Richardson


Without realising it, this stress release technique is actually innate to our body’s healing wisdom, and we unconsciously use these impulsive or reflex actions virtually everyday of our lives.

I’m sure you’ve tapped your forehead with your fingers to remember something? Or, patted your chest when you’ve heard or witnessed something unpleasant or shocking? How about rapidly tapping your fingers on a table or counter top because you are irritated, impatient or annoyed? When we do this in these situations, we don’t consciously think about what we are doing with our hands or fingers. Something instinctively triggers our hands and fingers to automatically help us in these stressful situations. This is the amazing and incredible way in which our subconscious, or innate wisdom, takes care of our well being.

hat exactly does our body’s innate wisdom, specifically our hands or fingers, and stressed situations have to do with Emotional Freedom Techniques? 

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) also known simply as ‘tapping’ or ‘energy tapping’ is a profound and powerful technique that can be applied to ALL emotional, physical and psychological issues. As a complimentary therapy technique, EFT ‘tapping’ can be used in conjunction with traditional practises, processes or procedures, and because of its versatility is now being viewed by various global professionals as a ‘Universal Healing tool’.


EFT ‘tapping’ is holistic in approach, and based upon the discovery that imbalances or disruptions within the body’s energy system has profound effects on one’s psychology and physiology.


EFT’s discovery statement says: the cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system. To quote, Gary Craig the Founder of EFT, “medicine for example pays very little attention to the disruptions in the body’s energy meridians nor does it give much weight to emotional causes. These causes, of course, are the centrepiece of EFT. Thus it is no wonder that EFT produces benefits where the medical profession has thrown up its hands. The reason is simply because we are taking aim at causes that others have largely disregarded. EFT is a radical departure from conventional techniques.”  


As the name Emotional Freedom Techniques implies, one therefore achieves independence and freedom from negative emotions. Be this freedom from anger, anxiety and panic attacks, fears and phobias (fear of public speaking, heights, spiders, snakes, the dark etc), grief and loss, , stress or post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), addictions, depression, guilt, years of self doubt, negative memories like rape, incest or other forms of abuse etc.


The simple effects of tapping the physical body to produce rapid emotional shifts may be a little much for some to comprehend. However, the results speak for themselves, and even the most hardened of skeptics has had to concede to these amazing and wonderful results.


EFT ‘tapping’ is such a powerful system because it can be used on practically any issue, experience or situation we find ourselves in … we have a saying in the EFT world, ’try it on anything and everything! It often works where nothing else will.


When used properly, EFT ‘tapping’ can also be highly effective for uncovering and reversing disempowering negative or limiting beliefs i.e. ‘I’m not good enough to have a loving relationship’ or ‘I’m undeserving of wealth and prosperity’ etc.  


How EFT ‘tapping’ works?

This amazing technique is actually innate in our body’s healing system and something we unconsciously use as an impulsive reflex action virtually everyday of our lives!  Gain an understanding of how EFT ‘tapping’ works?


For a more scientific explanation or understanding:

EFT ‘tapping’ works on the subtle energies which are prevalent throughout the human body. Our bodies are profoundly electrical by nature which is why when we rub our feet on a carpet and then touch a metal object we receive a slight shock. Although we cannot see this electrical circuitry, the vital constant communication of impulses is being sent throughout the body in order to keep it informed as to what is going on. Without this intricate vital electrical communication system we would not hear, see, touch, feel, taste or smell. Further evidence of this electrical circuit is that both the electroencephalograph (EEG) and electrocardiograph (EKG) record electrical activities of the brain and heart respectively.

till skeptical or unsure? Perhaps this video, which has great scientific evidence from numerous doctors will give you confidence to at least give Emotional Freedom Techniques a try. 


 Historical facts:

Some 5, 000 years ago the Chinese discovered the body’s complex energy circuitry. This electrical circuitry, also known as subtle energy or meridians are core to both acupressure and acupuncture and as such, EFT ‘tapping’ is the emotional version of acupuncture. EFT ‘tapping’ involves dialogue and a rapid tapping at specific points on the body; it doesn’t entail unpleasant needles! EFT ‘tapping’ is relatively quick, yet extremely effective and powerful.      

 EFT ‘tapping’ historical facts:       

During 1980’s Dr Roger Callahan, an American psychologist had an interest in Chinese medicines.  While studying this he accidentally stumbled upon the effectiveness of acupressure ‘tapping’ when working with a long term patient, Mary who suffered from a chronic water phobia. Although he actually didn’t call this discovery process ‘tapping’;  he coined this term ‘Thought Field Therapy’ or TFT.  The effectiveness of this ‘accident’ was SO highly successful that almost immediately Mary’s chronic water phobia disappeared.  So the enthusiastic and undaunted Dr Callahan began to try this technique on all his other patients, and within a year he had no more patients; all of them had been effectively and successfully discharged. He was now left with a real problem: without an income he decided to teach his new found techniques.

One of Dr Callahan’s early students was Stanford trained Engineer, NLP practitioner and Ordained Minister, Gary Craig. After working with TFT (Thought Field Therapy) for a while, Gray Craig decided the algorithms were too cumbersome for his engineering mind, so he refined these processes into what is now recognised internationally as Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) or simply ‘tapping’. It is to Gary Craig that we all, EFT practitioner and beneficiaries alike, owe huge gratitude because he single handedly generously shared his knowledge and understanding with thousands of people worldwide. Gary’s altruistic, benevolent and spiritual beliefs are what has accelerated the pace of EFT’s international growth into a Universal Healing Tool. His determined efforts to work with Vietnamese and other War Veterans to resolve their PTSD’s (post traumatic stress disorders) is now gaining much publicity in USA, and this has recently come to the attention of American Senate.

Sadly, Gary Craig has now retired but he’s left a healing legacy unparalleled anywhere on this planet. Such a cherished and great man will most definitely be missed. I thank you, Gary Craig most sincerely for the immense gifts your great work has bestowed upon us and this world. I am living proof of these gifts; as a direct result of EFT ‘tapping’ my life has radically changed since 2007 when I first started aplying EFT. I wish you all the very best in your deserved retirement.

I look forward to being of assistance: facilitating these amazing and incredible EFT ‘tapping’ techniques, bringing you peace and harmony, love and joy … it will be a privilege to work with you.

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 I look forward to being of assistance, bringing you peace and harmony.

 Yours in Health, Healing and Well being,



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