Throughout my life I’ve had an insatiable desire for knowledge, and spent the greater part of 28 years researching various complimentary health and wellbeing modalities. Being classified dyslexic as a child didn’t stop my quest to lean, grow and improve wherever I could – determined, I forged on regardless.

I’m naturally an empath and giver – I love giving whatever I can so others may benefit.  Therefore, I believe it would be truly selfish, even shameful, if I didn’t share what I’ve picked up along my journey with my Tribe. Some products shared are of my own creation – books, audios, videos etc.  In each I share a wealth of experience, expertise, knowledge, wisdom and understanding. The development and creation took me years to produce.

Many Health and Wellbeing products I’ve discovered over the years can also be found here. I’d like you to benefit, just like I did. I know not everyone has the luxury of spending hours researching. While some folks just don’t know where to look, or what to even look for. So like a typical “trailblazer”, I’ve done all the heavy lifting grunt work for you.  These 3rd party Health and Wellbeing experts are highly credible sources whom I respect, and recommend their offering.  With some I receive a small referral or affiliate commission. On others I receive nothing, and some can be downloaded for FREE.

My explicit aim is to improve Health and Wellbeing for the greater good of all. Specifically I attempt to reduce and relieve stress related issues – perhaps it’s at work, home, relationships, health, spiritual or financial matters. Please use your own discretion while educating yourself – work with what resonates best with you. My motto is, “enabling others through love and true connection.”

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