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My products (books, audios and videos) are based upon a lifetime of personal experiences, and a wealth of knowledge that took me years to discover and test. I’ve condensed all this understanding into very simple, straightforward practical tools for your immediate benefit. I’m most grateful for the positive feedback and recommedations received from various medical practitioners who edify my work; it’s truly been a labour of love that I can now share.

I’ve also included a few highly recommended 3rd party health and wellness products. To be congruent, I receive a small referral fee for displaying them here. My intention is to promote health and wellness for the benefit of everyone, and trust you’ll be satisfied with your purchases.  Your support is highly appreciated, thank you!

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  • Anger Gone! How to Easily Defeat Anger

    $ 27.00
  • Stress Gone! Audio Series (5x audios) – Instant Download

    $ 97.00
  • Stress Gone! How to Identify and Reduce Stress Easily

    $ 37.00
  • Stress Gone! Tips (40 ‘how to’ tips)

    $ 25.00
  • Stress Gone! Video Series (5x audios) – Instant Download

    $ 137.00

Anger Gone! How to Easily Defeat Anger @ US$27

$ 27.00

PSTEC: Think and Grow Rich @ US$88

$ 88.00

PSTEC: Accelerator Package @US$33

$ 33.00

PSTEC: Bulimia Nervosa (self help audio)

$ 67.00