Anger Gone! How to Easily Defeat Anger

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You aren’t born with anger related issues, anger usually stems from feeling hurt (rejected) and stressful or traumatic experiences. This self help program can facilitate your understanding of the multiple aspects, and nuances of anger, as well as providing you with the means to dissolving your own anger naturally and easily.  Yes, it is possible to not only erase anger, but to completely dissolve the root cause and triggers associated with anger.

Benefits include:
‘Anger Gone! How to Easily Defeat Anger’, a self help program is packed with easy to use, practical information, exercises, tips, techniques, an audio download and workbook integrated to fasttrack your progress to success.

  • 8 simple exercises to immediately employ in everyday conflict situations, restoring calm and relaxation. With a calm head, rational and appropriate decisions can be made
  • 40+ practical stress release strategies, including methods to alleviate or neutralise stress. Stress undoubtedly contributes towards anger, and is most often the precursor.
  • Workbook with record sheets are also included to track your progress and successes.
  • Best of all, access to a highly acclaimed and successful International audio technique that easily facilitates and naturally dismantles and erases anger related issues, often within minutes, instead of the traditional weeks and months of expensive therapy. The results achieved with this audio process have been astounding.
  • All this and more is contained within Anger Gone!
  • Instant download to begin immediately; gratification at its best!

To receive all these benefits and much more, simply get started right away by clicking the Buy Now button below!

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Anger Gone! Customer Reviews and Testimonials

“Reading through Anger Gone! was an eye-opener. It’s really helped me enormously, thank you very much. I particularly liked the tips and techniques, especially the audio process and workbook which kept me focused, and enabled me to eliminate my anger quickly. Wished I’d had access to this years ago when my anger first started flaring up – I wouldn’t have hurt some people (loved ones) and burnt as many bridges especially at work. Keep up the great work you are doing. Thank you again Bridget”   David, Johannesburg (South Africa)

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