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If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and are in need of relief from anger, stress or depression, perhaps grief or anxiety too, these FREE resources are ALL for you.

Take a moment to step away from all the craziness of your world … give yourself some much needed space to calm your busy, anxious, overworked mind … to feel a bit of instant relaxation in your body (neck and shoulders?) …. to have a little respite, and some peace … just for the moment!

From experience, I’ve been where you are, and know how difficult life can be at times! Believe it or not, there have been many times when I’ve been ready to throw in the towel, and give up … so I decided to create this page of FREE stress relief techniques especially for YOU to benefit from! I use the word ‘stress relief’ as a blanket term covering the myriad of emotions we can go through as humans – anger, addictions, anxiety, panic, worry, fear, depression, grief, trauma etc … they’re all stressful!

Feel free to revisit this page any time you feel stressed, need a ‘pick-me-up’ or some positive energy vibes (daily if necessary!) New content will be added from time to time too.

I highly recommend you also frequently pop over to my blog where I share many stress relief tips and techniques.  My blogs are suitable for entrepreneurs and parents, and I cover tips for your teenagers and children too, as well as stress relief tips for use at home, at work, or on holiday!  Should you need any help, you’re most welcome to review my consultations page,and or shopI hope you’ll find what I share below beneficial!  Enjoy …

How to Love Yourself

Loving yourself is one of the greatest stress relief techniques you can apply to your daily life. The late, great Louise L. Hay with her evergreen wisdom has been one of my favourite teachers for nearly 30 years.  I absolutely love her simple, down-to-earth and practical wisdom.

I highly suggest you have a pen and paper handy to make notes, enabling you to gain the maximum benefits. AND, please, begin implementing everything you learn immediately … Enjoy this insightful video!  


I Am Enough

‘I am enough’ is a simple phrase popularised by world renowned author and UK hypnotherapist, Marisa Peer who has worked in this field for more than 30 years. Marisa maintains the root of many of our negative beliefs and emotional issues lies in our beliefs that ‘I am not enough’ which also includes, ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘I’m not worthy, or deserving’ etc.

I totally agree with Marisa’s findings; my 12 years psychotherapy experience working with 100’s of clients across the globe has shown me that not knowing or feeling ‘I am enough’ is often at the root of most mental health issues – from anxiety, addiction, depression, eating disorders, panic, stress, trauma etc.

I’ve been following Marisa online for several years, and recently after going through a rough patch myself, I begun including this simple ‘I am enough’ phrase into my daily routine. The results have been so wonderful I’ve decided to share this here so you too can benefit. I particularly enjoyed Marisa’s interview with Lewis Howes, a former professional USA footballer, author and lifestyle entrepreneur.

Many of us, myself included have feared, or still fear rejection, and Marisa’s Tedx talk covers ‘how to avoid rejection and get connection.’  Again, I encourage you to take notes during both her videos so you can immediately begin implementing her teachings to reap these wonderful rewards ASAP … Enjoy! 


Laughter:  the BEST stress antidote!

Without doubt comedy and laughter are the quickest and best forms of stress relief available to anyone and everyone. Laughter is universal, and cuts through all barriers quickly, regardless of language or culture. Laughter is something we all understand, and can easily relate to. The Mr Bean series have been an enormous global success for this very reason – Rowan Atkins’ skits contain little to no words, but his ridiculously silly, humorous antics get everyone laughing instantly.

Laughter triggers the release of oxytocin, the ‘bliss or happy hormone’, which makes us feel good. Laughter, like love and hugs, can naturally slices through tense, stressful situations like a hot knife through butter. Uplift your spirits with as much laughter as possible EVERY day, and simply feel great no matter how stressed or worried you may feel.  Laughter is also contagious, so I trust these videos will have you laughing quickly and easily … enjoy!  

TIP:  I recommend you save a couple of funny short videos onto your phone to watch whenever you feel stressed. This simple tip can help you release any pent up energy, get ‘into the moment’, and clear your mind enabling you to then deal with the stressed situation with a better attitude and healthier frame of mind.

PS:  If you have some funny videos in your collection that you think others may benefit from, please drop me an email with the YouTube URL, and I’ll add them to this collection. Thank you!


Mooji: So Simple – Divine Laughter

Aussie Brickie / Tradie Theppo

My brother doesn’t share his girlfriend

Mooji’s Unstoppable Laughter

High Energy Movements

Any High Energy Movements such as dancing and singing are excellent stress relief techniques. Dancing and singing are simple, fun, enjoyable and very cheap ways of instantly uplifting one’s spirits at home or work. Plus, the exercise is an added bonus, “3-in-1”!  Simply put of your favourite music, and away you go!  You could do this in a car, but somehow dancing in your car seat  isn’t quite as much fun, but cranking up the music and singing out aloud definitely is!

I love any 1 to 2 minute stress relief videos, like this ones below, because they have the ability to immediately uplift me, make me feel good, AND quickly put a smile on my face!  I trust they’ll do the same for you too! Enjoy … 🙂

Zaouli Traditional Dance

The incredible Zaouli traditional dance of the Guro people from central Ivory Coast is combined with this upbeat music, “Universe Inside Me”.  I’m sure I’ve watched this guy at least a dozen times; his unique high energy dance style is utterly fascinating. Have no idea HOW he manages these ankle and knee jerking, high speed movements!  Just mind boggling … enjoy 🙂

Masaka Kids Africana (Uganda)

I have to admit I’ve fallen in love with these delightful Ugandan children.  Their high energy dancing and happy smiling faces are not only heartwarming, but thoroughly infectious too – enough to dissolve any stress! Karina Palmira, is a dancer, choreographer, and instructor from Dubai who travels to Africa to dance with 0rphans from Masaka Kids Africana.

Ding’s #GitUpChallenge

Blanco Brown’s #GitUpChallenge: this fun challenge has taken USA by storm with dozens of videos being shared online. My absolute favourite is by Ding @MyNameIsDing, who definitely has an adorably fun sense of humour!  He makes me laugh everytime I watch this video … definitely my ‘go-to’ whenever I need to lighten up or chill out from any daily stress #StressGone!  Thank you Ding!!!

Masaka Kids Africana (Uganda)

“This is how I put away my stress!”  Another infectious performance #StressGone

FREE Self Help Processes

Ho’oponopono Clearing

Ho’oponopono is a powerful self-healing and self improvement system developed by a truly remarkable man, Dr Ihaleakala Hew Len, a Hawaiian healer who works with and teaches this method.  The basis of Ho’oponopon clearing is simple,  Please forgive me … I am sorry … I love you … Thank you …  but there’s so much more depth to this process.

70 x 7 Process

70 x 7 process stems from ancient roots, appearing in at least two versus of the Bible. This active, engaging process helps communicate your desires and needs directly with the subconsious mind. It’s a powerful way to use affirmations, and also stimulates the ‘law of attraction’ enabling one to manifest goals. 

FREE Self Help Product Downloads

PSTEC Basic Click Tracks (Free Audios)

Percussive Suggestion Technique™ (PSTEC™) is a powerful, effective and unique audio process that has been created and invented by Tim Phizackerley (UK). In a nutshell, it is helpful to think of the PSTEC™ audio as ‘an eraser for the mind’ which works in the most easy and rapid manner. Read more  here

PSTEC Wealth of Abundance (Audio)

PSTEC™ ‘Wealth of Abundance’ helps you to stay focused on the correct mind set that allows abundance into your life … and, Tim has put this together for you as a gift, and the value of which is priceless!  Read more here

PSTEC ‘Cancer Free’ (Audios)

PSTEC™ founder, Tim Phizackerley has done it again! Another FREE audio product, this time for people with cancer. If you have been diagnosed, or know someone who has, this will be very helpful. FREE PSTEC Special Audio Package (downloads) includes five audio files; one tutorial, four special hypnotic audios.  Read more here

Super Brain Yoga (Book)

Superbrain Yoga®, a no-brainer?  Suppose there was a yoga that wouldn’t just give you Deepak’s calm, Gaga’s bod or DDP’s pluck, it would actually make you smarter.  No, it’s not math!  That’s what this technique called ‘Superbrain Yoga’ promises, in just 5 minutes a day.  We have clearly been wasting out time … Read more and watch the short video here

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