Stress Gone Worksheet

“The first wealth is health.”
R.W. Emerson


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PSTEC™ Audios

Also, for your convenience all PSTEC™ audio products are listed below too:

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    • Think and Grow Rich with PSTEC™ – developed in conjunction with Napoleon Hill’s book, ‘Think and Grow Rich’, this is an excellent audio series for success.




– Basic FREE Introductory Package – download here
The Introductory Package currently includes the following free audios: Instructions, Click Track 1 and Click Track 2, FAQ’s about PSTEC™, Special Panic Attack instructions, as well as ‘The Next Step: How To Be Happy’ … all in all, a great package courtesy of Tim Phizackerley.

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Stress Management Testimonials

“Bridget is sharply observant of the source of one’s stresses and strains and is immensely enthusiastic and motivational in helping one deal with challenges in all arenas of life. So glad she is a consultation away #gratitude.”  Michele Higginson, CEO and Owner at Crabtree & Evelyn  (One session only)

“Bridget was my life line when I was going through a very difficult time in my life. The anti-stress techniques she taught me were invaluable and she was a text away anytime i needed her. I’m so grateful to know I have you on speed dial.”   Kathryn Main, CEO at Financial Literacy Disruptor and Educator (One session only)

“I could have never imagined that a powerful tool like this existed. From one session, I had a life changing experience where anxiety, stress and fear was a normal part of my daily routine to a clam clear and collected way of conducting my day. Even more amazing was that EFT was not a temporary solution but a lasting feeling that I still have a week later. EFT has empowered me to take control of so many aspects of my life with confidence and make life so much more enjoyable!”   Pieter, Johannesburg  (One session only)

More client testimonials on topics such as addictions, anger management, anxiety,
depression, trauma etc can be found here