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Stress Gone! Audio Series

Introduction to Stress Gone!

Within this audio you’ll discover interesting, educational facts about stress, all of which are designed to create awareness, increase understanding and empower. Multiple stress relief tips are also shared.

How Stress defines our lives

We are all products of our history and our environment, and this shapes how we typically react to stress. This audio includes an understanding the subconscious mind with respect to our habits, behaviours, emotions etc, including the effects of one’s birth and early developmental years. I also share deeply personal examples from my own life too, and how I coped (or didn’t cope) well with my stress as a child and young adult. What is your stress coping mechanism? What stress haven’t you acknowledged, or dealt with? Lastly, I share how best to use my Stress Gone! book, especially the audio component shared in my book.

Stress the silent killer

Why is stress known as a silent killer? Understanding when, how and why the body’s stress response is triggered. This includes the typical fight/flight/freeze response, and relationship to anger. I also explain how stress hijacks our ability to think clearly and rationally, including destroying relationships and limiting careers. Finally, I discuss the effects of stress on comfort eating, weight loss, immune system, acidity, nutrition, illness and disease etc.

Stress the dream stealer

Why is stress a “dream stealer”? How stress impacts goals, creativity and focus while adding to procrastination. Multiple tips on how to achieve your desired goals while bypassing stress, and using the subconscious mind. How to “work with” your stress, AND make FULL use of the audio component shared in Stress Gone! book. Finally, the positive aspects of stress, and how to use this knowledge to your advantage.

Stress relief exercises

Demonstration of four simple BUT highly effective stress relief exercises that can be used anywhere, everywhere, and by anyone. This includes explanations as to how and why these exercises work so very effectively, including understanding how incredible the body’s innate wisdom actually is. Ways in which to use these stress relief exercises for maximum benefit of your health and well being. Lastly, how best to use my Stress Gone! book for your ultimate success.

Bonus audios

Stress Gone! Tips for Parents and Children

Understanding how and why your child/children may react to stress the way the do – this includes their typical behavioural, emotional, physical and mental symptoms they may display. Also, understanding the impact your stress, as a parent, may have on your child. Tips are shared on how to handle your stress so the impact on your child is significantly reduced.

Stress Gone! Parenting Tips

Parents, in this audio I share tips on how to reduce your daily stress at home. Including tips on how to improve and develop great family relationships, especially with your children. What stress responses and behaviours are you subtly teaching your children? Enjoy these simple yet profound tips to ensure your children feel heard, loved, safe, secure and supported. You’ll enjoy multiple added benefits as a result too.

Additional information can be found in my blog, ‘Symptoms of Stress in Children’ here