EFT ‘tapping’ Consultations with Bridget

Are you ready to kick stress in the butt?  Or, perhaps to unburden yourself of the heavy emotional ‘baggage’ you’ve unwittingly carried for so long?  If so, I’m with you all the way, to hold your hand … together, let’s do it!

All my therapy consultations are conveniently conducted online, via Skype or WhatsApp video. This means we can both be in any geographical location (anywhere on the globe), and you can still benefit, receiving the lifestyle successes, peace, health and wellbeing you richly deserve.

Consultation details are provided on checkout, including a calendar to confirm your appointment date and time. To book your appointment, simply select your preference below – either the 2 hour consultation, or the 2 hour consultation + an 1 hour’s follow up a week to 10 days later.