PSTEC: Success with PSTEC & PSTEC Positive (Self Help Audios)

$ 17.00

PSTEC™ Self Help audios in two parts …
Part 1. Success with PSTEC™ – discover how to be most successful with PSTEC™.
Part 2. The PSTEC™ Positive Techniques – this PSTEC™ Positive is very different from the free basic emotion neutralizer audios.

With PSTEC™ Positive you specify changes, and then install them using the PSTEC™ Positive system. The instructions in part two of this audio will give you the knowledge that you need to use PSTEC™ Positive. The two essential PSTEC™ Positive click track audios you require are included.

The PSTEC Positive Audio Package includes three audio files; Success and PSTEC Positive (instructions); PSTEC Positive Click Track 1, the tapping version; and PSTEC Positive Click Track 2, the non tapping version. (Approx 1 hour and 5 minutes of audio)